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London: Arctic Oil and Gas Conference

Major conference to assess the challenges and solutions for oil and gas exploration, production and transportation in Arctic and ice-infested regions

Arctic Resources’ Place in the Global Supply Stack
  • Update on exploration activity and results
  • Cost competitiveness of Arctic versus other sources of oil and gas
  • Development and production activity ahead
  • Arctic as a market for the oil service industry

Get a comprehensive insight into currently activity, opportunities and challenges for hydrocarbon development in key Arctic regions including

  • Russia
  • Norway
  • Canada
  • Alaska
Developments in Support Vessels
  • OSVs for Arctic operations
  • Arctic Ice-breakers
  • Experiences from operating large LNG carriers in the Russian Arctic
  • Latest innovations in DP Vessels
Drilling Offshore Arctic
  • Technical and non-technical challenges – what are they?
  • Current drilling technology – applicability to harsh environments
  • International acceptance
  • Relief wells – are they really an option?
  • Limited operating windows