Podcast 2 – Mr Andy Varoshiotis


Cyprus gas in and out – podcast with Mr Andy Varoshiotis,

the President of Cyprus Oil & Gas Association


On the latest LNG Marketplace podcast: We are in Cyprus, the Aphrodite’s island, which name has been until very recently associated only with the rock (think: Petra tou romiou), now also with the block (think: gas).

We have invited to our podcast Mr Andy Varoshiotis, the President of Cyprus Oil & Gas Association (COGA) and asked him about the latest developments in regard to the import and export of natural gas in Cyprus. Also about the ideas and projects that COGA is actively participating in, about its members and about its major contributions to bringing investment companies to Cyprus . Surely you would like to know how is Cyprus changing to become an energy port? Or why is Vasiliko so important? What are the current plans for exporting and importing gas in Cyprus and whether the government of Cyprus would listen to COGA’s advisors and consultants?

Stay tuned to get the answers.


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