LNG Content Creation

We offer an exclusive LNG content on demand. Ewa Waslicka and Anna Grajek lead a team of LNG writers and editors with a deep understanding of the global Liquid Natural Gas business.

What can we write for you?

You name it. LNG related reports, blogs, ghostwritten articles, white papers, analysis, lead generation content, sales material, website content, proposals, surveys, video scripts, presentations, news summaries, corporate news – the list goes on…

How can you hire LNG writers?

If you are interested in our content creation services contact us at ewa@lngmarketplace.com


We deliver 100% original content, unlimited revisions and exclusive rights to the content.


Recently we have helped to elaborate:

  • Market research on LNG small scale shipping for LNG consultancy
  • Competitive analysis of LNG shipping 
  • Weekly LNG news summaries
  • Interviews with LNG stakeholders

Link to sample writing:

Module: Natural gas transportation (Author: Ewa Waslicka)

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