PODCAST 13 – Mrs Natalya Kuznetsova, Project Director at BGS Group

BGS Group Natalya Kuznecova

Mrs Natalya Kuznetsova is the Project Director at BGS Group – the organizer of the International LNG Congress, coming next year already in its 5th edition. We have met her during the 4th LNG Congress in Berlin earlier this year and asked a few questions about the BGS Group, about the LNG Congress and about the reasons why the congress organized by the BGS Group is so different from any other LNG events.

The motto of the BGS Group:

Every goal is a challenge. Big or small, easy or hard. No matter how much work has been done, how many people were involved. If your goal is not achieved, everything is in vain. In BGS we care of every goal of every our guest.

You can also check the information about the next International LNG Congress, coming next year in Malta under the LNG Events on our website.

Learn more about the BGS Group at http://bgs-group.eu

Link to 5th International LNG Congress: http://lngcongress.com

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