Podcast 7 – Mr Rudolf Huber – Why has Europe become an innovation hub in LNG trade?

Mr Rudolf Huber



Mr. Rudolf Huber is Chairman of LNG Austria-a non profit association under Austrian law that aims to promote the use of LNG as a fuel in Austria and the countries surrounding it. LNG Austria also provides LNG education and lobbying with administrations and politics.

Mr. Huber is also a Founder of Methanumorphosis that is a Natural Gas and LNG training outfit and he is also LNG Managing Consultant and Opinion Maker on Methaninst digital platform.

More info about Mr Huber under: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rudolf-huber-717a671/


Why has Europe become an innovation hub in LNG trade?

Content of the podcast: Is Europe a replacement market for LNG? Is surplus of regassification capacity in Europe the only factor behind it? How the oversupply of LNG might affect the way LNG is traded? How those changes in the market will affect the LNG regassification operators?

How the fact that three regional benchmarks in LNG prices are much closer to each other at present  (Asian, NBP and US Henry Hub) will affect the LNG trade and what will be the role of shipping costs in this situation? Will the problem of boil off prevent LNG from becoming a commodity the same way as crude oil? And finally, which countries in Europe have the biggest potential to play main role in LNG trade.

Mr. Huber gives us his valuable insight on those burning issues in LNG market trends.


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