PODCAST 9 – Mr. Kemal Urhan – LNG/LPG trucks can reach any place, not only in Turkey

Mr Kemal Urhan




Mr Kemal Urhan, the CEO of Cryocan – one of the group companies of  CAN GROUP, active in various areas of energy sector.

Major activity areas of the group of companies (ORCAN, AKCAN, ASCAN, DOGACAN and CRYOCAN) are: sale, distribution and transmission of LPG, LNG, CNG and fuel oil, construction business and engineering. They offer services in terms of cryogenic pressure tanks, industrial facilities, heating and cooling systems, recycling and automation systems, industry, food production, export, import, transportation, agricultural instruments and machines, construction materials. CAN GROUP, which carries out its activities in various areas of energy sector, provides economic, high quality and environmentally applicable energy services.

Cryocan, the affiliate company of Can Corporate Group, offers services and products in energy market. Owing to its exceptional staff of engineers, Cryocan is identified with high quality and trust in the international oil and gas field of manufacturing cryogenic tanks, pressure vessels and turnkey projects. In its plants in Izmit, Gebze, Cryocan employs high standards of manufacturing and high quality products which can effectively meet the demands of the global energy market. Cryocan has obtained his reputation through continuous success in completing the projects and delivery in due time and offering effective system solutions to its clients. Additionally, Cryocan has been increasing investments in Research and Development in order to be able to offer high quality and competitive solutions to special demands of industrial gases and the demands in oil and gas market.

More information and contact details you will find under http://cryocan.com/en


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