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Our first Module available only for the participants of our Survey. All participants will receive an email from us with a code to open Module 1.

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Synopsis: The course provides a short introduction explaining the main terms regarding natural gas and its applications in everyday life such as electricity generation, heating or fuel for vehicles and vessels. The main advantages of natural gas are discussed and the difference between stranded and commercial gas or conventional and unconventional gas are explained. Also, briefly the most important advances in the production technology such as hydraulic fracturing or fracking are approached.

The main forms of transportation of natural gas are introduced with the focus on comparison of the pipeline transmission, compressed natural gas and liquid natural gas shipping as principal techniques to transport gas.

The reasons for the growth of market share of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) vs. other forms of transportation (especially pipeline transportation) are explained and justified by different factors such as cost effectiveness, destination flexibility, distance, trade patterns and so on.

Course Content

Participants receive instruction in:

  • What is natural gas and its applications
  • Main transportation techniques of natural gas