About us

Welcome to LNG Marketplace –  a centralized information platform facilitating learning and information finding process regarding Liquid Natural Gas for commercial professionals. The team behind this idea is truly global and comprises members located in Cyprus, the Netherlands, China, Venezuela  and even on the board of an LNG vessel.

The Liquid Natural Gas international trade is vibrant but the market and the industry are changing fast. It can be challenging to find the exact piece of information that you need without doing extensive research.

LNG Marketplace is “one stop shop” for busy LNG professionals. We navigate an LNG professional through scattered and unstructured information available around the web.

We offer:

      • Calendar of globally available LNG events
      • Calendar of globally available LNG courses
      • List of LNG tenders around the globe, online courses, webinars, etc.
      • List of websites with LNG jobs
      • Soon: LNG books,newspapers

On MONDAYS we publish LNG News Flash – LNG news that you can listen to. We check global media for you and record a short podcast with the most relevant headlines of the week. We also publish LNG News Special Edition dedicated to specific topics of LNG industry and interviews with LNG Experts. All of our podcasts you can find on our youtube channel and soundcloud.

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